I was with my mom at the store and I wanted  this candy bar so bad. And she said that I could'nt have it so we were leaving and I took the cany bar. So when we were walking home I started eating the candy bar. My mom asked me were I got it and I told her that I took it from the store....OHHH man was she mad. She walked me back to the store and made me tell them what I did ....Wow! that was imberrising....So they told me that they were going to call the cops on me. So yeah I cryed and my mom payed for the candy bar... And when I got home She told my dad....yeah... that did'nt feel to good...

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I used to steal comics and chocolates from the store near my house.... I mean I was pretty damn good, like two inside pockets full of chocolates and three or four comics , I was about 12 I guess, and then the owner caught me, gave me a good whack across my face and threatened to tell my mum.<br />
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I stopped shoplifting that day. true story. (*_*)

I did take a match from a supermarket, when I was 8.<br />
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But I was never caught for it! they searched me but never thought someone would just still one match.<br />
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Thank you for sharing