And I Thought I Have Done It All :)

[X ] Smoked A Cigarette (marlboro)
[ X] Smoked A Cigar (ick!)
[X ] Kissed A Member Of The Same Sex (drunk)
[x] Are / Been In Love (a long time ago)
[X ] Dumped someone (all the time.. I am a heart breaker)
[X ] Been Fired (for something dumb)
[X ] Been In A Fist Fight (only to defend others)
[x] Had A Crush On An Older Person (yeah, I like older boys)
[x] Skipped Class ( its a given)
[X ] Slept With A Co-worker ( ohh yeah. i got busted.. on video.. if you really want to know..ask)
[x] Seen Someone / Something Die  :(
[] Had / Have A Crush On One Of Your EP Friends
[] Been To Paris
[ ] Been To Spain
[x] Been On A Plane (I love to fly)
[x] Thrown Up From Drinking (college)
[x] Eaten Sushi (NASTY)
[x] Been Snowboarding (love it!)
[] Met Someone Through Internet
[X] Been in a Mosh Pit (so many bruises)
[ X] Been In An Abusive Relationship (I was dumb)
[x] Taken Pain Killers ( I took one vicodin when I broke my rib and arm.. yup.. found out I was allergic to it.. that is a messed up situation!!!!!!)
[x] Liked/loved Someone Who You Cant Have (joel madden haha)
[x] Laid On Your Back And Watched Cloud Shapes Go By (peaceful)
[x] Made A Snow Angel (I lived in MN, yeah.. I made em')
[ X] Had A Tea Party (with my neighbors three year old daughter )
[x] Flown A Kite (duh)
[x] Built A Sand Castle ( I am a beach girl at heart, sandcastles included )
[X ] Played Dress Up (all the time )
[x] Jumped Into A Pile Of Leaves (you just have too)
[x] Gone Sliding :)
[x] Cheated While Playing A Game ( ask my brother.. stratego.. he never won a game)
[x] Been Lonely ( especially since I moved 1200 miles away)
[x] Fallen Asleep At Work / School (I had three jobs in college.. yeah I slept)
[x] Watched The Sun Set (love it)
[ ] Felt An Earthquake
[X ] Killed A Snake ( EWWWWW.. I am such a girl.. but I had to kill one )
[x] Been Tickled (I am way to ticklish)
[X ] Been Robbed / Vandalized ( UGH)
[X ] Been cheated on (douche)
[x] Been Misunderstood (all the time)
[X ] Won A Contest (haha.. actually is was a wet t-shirl contest in college) (yeah.. alcohol)
[X ] Been Suspended From School (in high school because I defended a gay guy)
[x] Had Detention ( see previous question)
[x] Been In A Car / Motorcycle Accident (in november, I totaled my car )
[] Had / Have Braces
[] Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night


[x] Danced in the moonlight ( with a sweet guy)
[x] Hated The Way You Look (ALL THE TIME)
[X ] Witnessed A Crime ( yeah.. dumb *****)
[x] Been obsessed with post-it-notes ( you have no idea)
[X ] Squished Barefoot Through The Mud (yeah.. only because my shoe got stuck in the mud)
[] Been To The Opposite Side Of The World
[x] Swam In The Ocean ( I LOVE THE OCEAN)
[] Felt Like You Were Dying
[x] Cried Yourself To Sleep (over a boy)
[X ] Played Cops And Robbers (ohh yeah.. I have a thing for handcuffs)
[x] Recently Colored With Crayons / Colored Pencils / Markers (with my younger cousin)
[x] Sang Karaoke (I am ashamed to say yea, I have)
[X ] Paid For A Meal With Only Coins ( back in the broke college days )
[x] Done Something You Told Yourself You Wouldn't (too many things)
[X ] Made Prank Phone Calls ( who hasn't)
[] Laughed Until Some Kind Of Beverage Came Out Of Your Nose
[x] Kissed In The Rain (I love the rain for that reason)
[X ] Written A Letter To Santa Claus (when I was little)
[x] Watched The Sun Set/ sun rise With Someone You Care/Cared About (yeah....)
[x] Blown Bubbles (ofcourse)
[x] Made A Bonfire On The Beach Or Anywhere  (my friends and I did all the time)
[ ] Crashed A Party
[X ] Have Traveled More Than 5 Days With A Car Full Of People ( my old car.. a small saturn SL2)
[x] Gone Rollerskating / Blading ( i am a rollerblading fanatic)
[X ] Had A Wish Come True (I'm not telling)
[ ] Been Humped By A Monkey (???????????????????????)
[x] Worn Pearls ( once)
[x] Jumped Off A Bridge (haha.. yeah....)
[X ] Swam With Dolphins (so sweet)
[X ] Got Your Tongue Stuck To A Pole/Freezer/Ice Cubes( well.. ugh.,. yeah)
[X ] Kicked A Fish (by mistake  and I felt REALLY BAD)
[x] Worn The Opposite Sex's Clothes (only because it was a dare)
[X ] Sat On A Roof Top and watched the stars (sexy sexy)
[x] Screamed At The Top Of Your Lungs (and lost my voice)
[X ] Done / Attempted A One-Handed Cartwheel (and succeded)
[x] Talked On The Phone For More Than 6 Hours (all the damn time)
[x] Recently stayed up for a while talking to someone you care about (yeah,)
[x] Picked And Ate An Apple Right Off The Tree ( at the apply orchard)
[x] Climbed A Tree (actually around x-mas)
[x] Had/Been In A Tree House (there is a naughty story to this)
[x] Been scared To Watch Scary Movies Alone (i love horror movies but i would rather someone be there)
[ ] Believed In Ghosts
[x] Have had More Then 30 Pairs Of Shoes ( last count I have over 80)
[X ] Visited Jail (don't ask)
[x] Been Pushed into a pool with all your clothes on ( three times in one night.)
[x] Been Told You're Hot By A Complete Stranger (ohhhh yeah)
[X ] Broken A Bone (well.. I have broken my right wrist 27 times.. thats just the wrist)
[x] Been Easily Amused (all the time)
[ ] Caught A Fish Then Ate It Later
[X ] Caught A Butterfly (in third grade)
[x] Laughed So Hard You Cried (too many times)
[x] Cried So Hard You Laughed (oh yeah)
[x] Cheated On A Test  ;)   
[x] Forgotten Someone's Name (actually I am really bad with names)
[X ] French Braided Someones Hair (I did a crappy job)
[ ] Been Kicked Out Of Your House
[x] Rode A Roller Coaster (SCARY)
[] Went Scuba-Diving/Snorkeling
[ ] Had A Cavity
[X ] Black-Mailed Someone  (haha)
[X ] Been Black Mailed (damn)
[x] Fell Going Up The Stairs  (haha.. I am clumsy)
[x] Licked Someone ( I had an edible paint party one time.. you have to lick)
[X ] Been shot at/or at gunpoint (and I never gave them the money)
[XXXXXXXXXXXX ] Had sex in the rain
[;0) ] Flattened someones tires
[x] Rode in a car/truck until the gas light came on ( ohh yeah)
[x] Got five dollars or less worth of gas (back in the day)

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3 Responses Mar 8, 2009

can i fill this list in somewhere?? i;m so confused lol

I know... it makes me giggle when I remember all these strange things I have done :)

om my i love this! i have done many many things on this list!!!