A Perpetual Waltz...

In the rain, a perpetual waltz  in which I find myself wanting to dance, play, sing but dodging lightening is slowing me down and the rainbows, well, are just rainbows...

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5 Responses Oct 13, 2010

No, thank you for reading and commenting ChipperChick, and yes, may rainbows be forever!

Thank you, that was beautiful!..<br />
<br />
I love dancing in the rain, and, it is only water,<br />
<br />
and the rainbows, may they be forever!<br />
<br />

Dance with me, my Queen...

I know that promise and yes, we do have to dance with what fate desires...

I love to dance and be carefree under the rain...reminding me of a promise which has yet to be fulfilled but I know time and circumstance wouldn't allow it to come true...I need a miracle to make it happen...am tired of dreaming..hahaha :)<br />
<br />
though fate is sometimes ridiculous, we have to dance with it.