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My Life - The Journey

Right now my life is a journey of winding paths through uncertain terrains; some rocky and rainy, others sunny and smooth - in a continual search for that big bucket of of 'happy' that is surely just over the next rainbow.
LadyBronte LadyBronte 46-50, F 3 Responses Mar 15, 2012

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I have an can rise above it...then you wouldn't have to deal with the winding paths and uncertain terrains. When you rise above it, you are much closer to the sunshine. :)

Thanks gwyg - I'm much better these days, but life still makes twist and turns at its leisure. :)

:) I want that magical bucket of happiness though. lol~ But I'm not holding my breath.

Aah I think the "bucket" is full of sand, soil and poo as well as the pearls and flowers. Just take a look outside!! The clouds in the sky are awesome, so are the stars at night BUT there are always things to make us feel down too if we look for them. Strifing for a "glass half full attitude" is the way to go and yup I reckon I'm preaching at MYSELF here :)