Pale Horse

many times withthe death of those i have loved i feel like i ride the pale horse and bring death to others that made the mistake to love me
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God decides who and when they die

i have no idea he took the lifes of 3 great people toplay the game fair and played with the hand they were given

no one knows when or why God takes a life. I'm glad I'm not God.
I went to a funeral today but she was ready to go be with her God and Savior.

well you canhave your god any god that allows a young girl to be lucked in a truck of a car after her ex has tpaed her mouth and eyes shut the allows her ex to hit a car drunk and kill 2 more people and allows the yong lady thatwas going to be come my wife ina few weeks to die that alone and taht sacred
i want nothing to do tih that type of a god he did not even allow his son to die like that but yet he allowed cathy to die that way
what worst way to die then in a dark trunk unable to breath

but then you see i have died in the past and like manyothers i came back with a different feeling towards the real god of this world not the one that allows preist to rape and kill kids

I sense your anger and I sympathize. I lost my husband after 7 yrs. But they were great times and after all this time I have come realize God knew best. I didn't and still don't, I was angry but now I'm OK. My God still is in control.
I'm sorry for your loss

you have the right to how you believie my first wife roberta die in another country to give you that right this is the same girl god allowed to be born with part of her organs outside her body and to be born not male not female this is what a god allowed
thisis the same girl that life was inher house her bed room as it was the only places she could be her any places else shehad to be a boy that was hit and kicked and even raped by others as he was different so it was ok
cath a god alowed her to be druged and raped at a sleep over with several girl freinds not just raped by one boy but by many it was felt noone did time ore ven got introuble for what they did to her as his mommy and dady had money
wait he did have to marry her 2 weeks later he beather so bad she almost lost her life plus she lostthe child from the rape and the right to ever have a child again in her life this was allowed by a god

god had no control over me when iw alked into that nursing home he died in he knew i was there to kill him i just did not i told him i would be back and i did go back a few time and i told him a flip of the coin would decide if he lived or died that day but it was a 2 gead coin so it never came up up tails but the fear inhis eyes was worth it to me

to mem the only thing a god did do was allow him to die and great pain from holes inhis body due to bed sores and the pain and smellof the infection as it killed him

it wouldhave felt a lot better to me to have taken his life but i was not allowed to do that due to a promise to others just like i have had to live due to that same promise t never take myown life or to never try again

and while i under stand your god i still ride that pale horse to me

OK, believe what you want, it is ok. Please don't let your anger eat you up and make you a murderer, justified or not!

it is just sadness of the ones i loved ding so early in life and both atthe same age

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