What Is My Life Like In One Sentence

My life with my husband is a wonderfully fantastic adventure, and I am loving every minute of it.
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Live on the beautiful memories and boasts moments of happiness with his partner is a good woman and deserves all the respect

Thank you sir.

thank you

Sounds like you are blessed.

I am very blessed. my husband is my best friend, my buddy, my soul mate.
His smile is my morning sunshine,
The warmth of his love is my moonlight
The love light in his eyes is as bright as the evening star
The sound of his voice and laughter is the music of angels

.Blessed! oh yes I sure am,
To be able to share such wonderful love
with such a special man

Yes my friend I am, more so today , for that preciious love was almost taken away from me a few days ago. along with his shipmate, but theGoddess of the sea decided it was not their turn. and by tomorrow all will be safely home with their loved ones