What Should Women Talk About? About One Minute - Max !

Yeah right ! Why should men get to hog the conversation? Are they male chauvinists to think anyone could sum up their life in one sentence?
We're intelligent. Well some are rotten spellers, and I wonder why they don't get out the ol' dictionary.
Right now in my life, we are negotiating for a house that is near Sunami country. Why are so many people trying to sell their homes out near the ocean? The 80 yr. old husband died so the wife is forced to sell.
We found a nice stick built home with a 3 car garage, with a shower and restroom in the garage, so you won't track sand in the house. We just submitted our offer, now we are wondering why the county didn't put in the street behind the back three lots? I know they will counter our lower offer.
I told my husband we will have to go out there with a machete so we can see if those back lots are even usable land. Our realator agent said she would send her husband out there to check where the property lines run. Hum, that sounds like a little conflict of our interest, if they don't want us to search it out ourselves. The family has to have someone take care of the flowers and mow the yard, and the winter elec. bill will be high. They claimed that it just went on the market.  Well we know that they contract for 6 months, and her husband died in Feb, so this has to be the second go around.  
My son told me to be prepared to walk away if you can't play hardball with them. I said, "You just want your motorcycle buddy, Dad to move closer to you. It should be interesting to see what develops since hardly anyone can come up with the 20 % down payment and the Ernest Money.
My neighbor friend will probably have a fit if we move. But she has been trying to get her 70 yr. old husband to move to town.
I started laughing today because I had asked the realator if the neighbors were noisy and rowdy? Then I realized what they will think when my husband hauls in his John Deere tractor, and other noisy vehicles. I think we may be the lousy new future neighbors.      There goes the neighborhood !
Boshie Boshie
66-70, F
Sep 26, 2012