It All Fits.......

Your Family Is 82% Dysfunctional Your family is more than a little nuts. And you definitely should think about moving on.
This doesn't mean you need to completely cut your family out of your life...
But it does mean you need to create a healthy support system of your own. One that doesn't involve your family.
Even if you've already made a clean break from your past, it still may be haunting you. Checking in with a therapist from time to time is probably a good idea.

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6 Responses Apr 24, 2009

This is there lifestyle..........

We will not change them. They have to want to change...

i like these comments, also. i find the dysfunction is all-out visible kind or the repressed kind---just as real only not as visible. yep---move on.

I like both comments. Time to move on..

Every family is secretly dysfunctional. It's whether they choose to let it out of the family closet and share it, that we finally know about it.

That does sound good.<br />
I have schriophrinea and bipolar . and my family had it.<br />
my mom and dad are gone and the rest of the family are gone.<br />
but that is true to go and get help. <br />
I had to. <br />
And move on.<br />
<br />