Oh Yeah...this Was Fun...not

Your Family Is 61% Dysfunctional

Your family definitely has some major problems, and they're still effecting you today.
It's time for you to step back, reassess, and decide what kind of role your family should have in your life.
The people around you can be toxic, and there's no reason to let your family bring you down.
Consider getting some therapy or talking the situation over with a good friend. And spend more time around people who truly care for you!

**This is so true...that's why I don't go around my family at all, except for my sister. I am my most happiest when I am with my unit of 4...Husband, me and two kids. I have already been through the "therapy" and take meds to keep me happy and to prevent me from doing something stupid to myself.

No, I am much better off staying away from those people and concentrating on my unit of 4...they are my wonderful family...and I am grateful for them every single day!

purpleriz purpleriz
51-55, F
Jul 5, 2009