This world is sooooo amazinly big and at the same time soooooo small. I wish I could travel to different places in the world , explore the wonders beyond my land. I mean God gave us a whole world infront of our noses, theres so much to see, theres so much beautie out there. Theres so much flavours to taste and fields to run. So many wise, fun little money

Secretpoem Secretpoem
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1 Response Dec 16, 2008

so little money... wow, so funny, and so true.. The most I can do when i want to learn abput a different country is google pictures of it... that's sad isn't it... But I now pass every single geography test with flying colors! World History next year is gonna be so horrible.. I love learning about pretty much every country except america... i guess cuz i live here so it's not very exotic...