Who Is Studying Ep?

This is such a fascinating place. There are so many groups, and connections between groups, people define themselves in so many ways. You could join EP and have one profile, or two, or maybe several. So many possibilities!

I want to know the stats. Is someone studying EP? There are PhDs here just waiting to be written. And I'm sure someone is.


rojblake rojblake
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Enigma Project... I wonder if there is an 'I have a new meaning for EP' experience somewhere where these are all collected?

alliteration again flourishing with the figures. Roj are u not an expert in this field, ur thesis in please.<br />
facts and figures ur world awaits. I rely on u to provide a coherent acount of ur findings.<br />
MEP r u not?<br />
Hope u got the polit. pun part of Europe, and EP is an enigma project.<br />
Fatholmess to most.

So good to hear N! I hope that you'll share some of your findings with us when you're done. A few good stories...

Hi Rojblake,<br />
I am part of a team studying EP in a class at Georgia Tech. EP is rich with stories. There is a lot to be learned from this site. I am new to the site, though.

and yes, must watch the mutual fascination, lest we disappear up eachother's fundamental fascinatory orifice (whatever that is on EP)...

More than just a sociologist's dream - there's all sorts of things going on in here, and best of all, data on nearly everything (manna to a scientist)!

The Mutual Fascination Society!<br />
<br />
You are right, roj. EP would be a fertile ground for a study project. My daughter starts grad school in psych in the spring. If no one else takes it on, maybe I'll suggest it to her!

Don't be modest Destry. You're all fascinating! <br />
<br />
I did ask EPJake whether there was someone studying EP - apparently not yet. It is just begging for someone to find some funding and start a project. Anyone know any good social scientists?

Hmmmm.....what does she mean by that?<br />
<br />
I will ponder it for a while.....<br />
<br />
Takes one to know one, me thinks!

It truly is a fascinating place. Observation of the dynamics between people is a lot of the fascination of EP for me.