Just One Of You

I'm not all powerful and I can die... I feel lonely as many others out there... I do not know so many things and I haven't found my purpose in life yet. I did countless mistakes and have some regrets... I love and hate, feel peaceful or angry... feel down, sad, depressed... I do feel joyful occasionally... I might not be Einstein, but I know that things change... the only irreversible state is death... yes, I've lost many...

There are probably many differences between us... I do have a roof over my head and food (for now)... I am mainly pessimistic, but I think optimistically in many situations... I like animals, nature, the sun... My favorite colors are black,white,blue and green. I probably have a bit more time to spare... and I have probably achieved a bit less... I do contradict myself and don't follow the advice I give to others... I hate myself... I recognize that I am human and try to forgive my past... I had a wonderful childhood... I love my family...

I share a common species with you, a common planet, sky and universe... When I cut myself, I do feel pain - just like you... chaos rules in my mind, but I do try to order my thoughts - I believe you do strife for the same thing... actually we all strife for the same things in life - love, survival, happiness, friends, appreciation, understanding, good memories and an unbeatable achievement or just to leave our mark behind - yes, the things we aim for can differ in amounts and substance... and I'm no angel... For what is worth... I want to share my hope with you.

It felt good to express part of myself verbally... I feel kind of a relief... I know that you don't know me, but I believe you have a wonderful soul. ... Smile - you are beautiful, all is not lost - when you reach the bottom, push yourself up... How I wish to hug you now. Sleep tight and happy Halloween. :)
siniiq siniiq
Oct 31, 2012