More About Me...

1. My uncle once: was a best friend to my (late) mom 


2. Never in my life have I: been drunk

3. The one person who can drive me nuts, but then can always make me smile: is the kitten

4. High School is: over, thank god!

5. When I'm nervous: I eat junk, and jiggle my foot

6. The last time I cried was: pretty recently

7. If I were to get married right now my bridesmaids/groomsmen would be: I'm not planning on ever getting married

8. My hair: is tied up right now

9. My feet are: bigger than I'd like them to be

10. When I was 5: who the hell knows?

11. Last Christmas I: was depressed and b*tchy

12. When I turn my head left, I see: couch, piano

13. When I turn my head right, I see: a window

14. When I look down I see: my keyboard

15. The craziest recent event was: dunno

16. If I was a character on 'Friends' I'd be: I don't watch Friends...

17. By this time next year: I hope I'm somewhere else

19. I have a hard time understanding: Everything, sometimes

20. One time at a family gathering: my cousins tried to teach me to throw a football... it didn't really work

21. You know I "like" you if: ...

22. If I won an award, the first person (people) I'd thank is: Probably the people giving the award...

23. Take my advice: because I'm certainly not using it

24. My ideal breakfast is: I've been thinking about this for five minutes now, so I guess I don't have one...

25. If you visit my hometown: good luck...

26. Where do you plan to visit anytime soon: I don't really

27. Song that would play for the credits of a movie about your life: Depends... I don't know how the movie ends, yet.

28. I'd stop my wedding if: I don't plan on having a wedding to stop

29. The world could do without: bad people, who hurt kids and animals 

30. I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: live in a world without chocolate (perish the thought!)

31. Most recent thing you've bought yourself: I have no idea

32. Most recent thing someone else bought you: a little black dress

33. My favorite time of day is: when I go running, or else, when everyone else leaves and I'm finally alone for a while

34. My favorite store is: don't have one

35. favorite ringtone is: I don't have a phone, so this doesn't really apply

36. And by the way: this quiz is really long...

37. The last time I was high: was never, actually, that I can remember.

38. The person who I last talked to told me: that he hates me, but he's 11, so I guess I understand...

39. I shouldn't have been: so lazy

40. Once, at a bar/club: Yes, it was only once, and I sat at a table with two guys I didn't know, and ignored them the whole time

41. Last night: I was still thinking about a girl here on EP who said she wanted to kill herself

42. There's this girl I know who: Is my best friend (not the same girl as the one in question 41)

43. There is this guy I know who: I'm so glad to have as a friend

44. A better name for me would be: I think about this often, but still don't have an answer

45. If I ever go back to school I'll: get the degree I need for the job I want

46. My birthday is on: a day in the Autumn

Magickintheair Magickintheair
Sep 5, 2008