Heylo! I am Mabel. And I am from the east side, which I am pretty sure it is very far away from you. But that doesn't matter. I joined EP cause I was looking through some photos of snails and I clicked on the webpage and it turns out to be here.
I am artistic, creative, and just fine being me.
Message me if you felt like you need someone to talk to. I may not be able to reply you as soon as possible but I will try to reply you within the day.
Message me when you feel down because I will try to turn that frown around.
Message me when you just wanna talk. You can say all that you want to say and I am sure I will try to reply you. I am a good listener but on EP wise, I am a good reader and understanding person.
Sometimes I ask or talk a lot but I guess I am sometimes a factual person as well.
See you guys around and hope you have a great day/night ahead!

*whisper* psst. hey, you. Yeah, Inbox me not for anything that is perverted. Otherwise I will block and report you.

*looks around* *whisper* oh and inbox for kik if you won't find me boring, stop talking to me suddenly, ignore me, find me annoying. Cheerios
PrezBel PrezBel
Jun 5, 2014