My Turn!!

okay, so it goes...

1. My uncle once: broke his chair by sitting on it

2. Never in my life have I: been to a ***** club

3. The one person who can drive me nuts, but then can always make me smile: Eva!

4. High School is: long gone

5. When I'm nervous: I eat A LOT, so you can tell ;-)

6. The last time I cried was: this morning. Hate that!

7. If I were to get married right now my bridesmaids/groomsmen would be: freaking shocked!

8. My hair: looks great ... when it is not humid!

9. My feet are: sexy!!

10. When I was 5: I was wearing dresses

11. Last Christmas I: got stuck at the airport

12. When I turn my head left, I see: flowers and a candle

13. When I turn my head right, I see: pile of CDs and books

14. When I look down I see: Ummm my boobs?

15. The craziest recent event was: night out with girls.... we danced on the bar.

16. If I was a character on 'Friends' I'd be: surprise me...

17. By this time next year: i will be single, sexy and sweet

19. I have a hard time understanding: chemistry...

20. One time at a family gathering: we all were dancing salsa around the Christmas tree.

21. You know I "like" you if: I do not see you too often

22. If I won an award, the first person (people) I'd thank is: my team mates!

23. Take my advice: don’t eat hot chilli sauce itself!

24. My ideal breakfast is: coffee with some milk!

25. If you visit my hometown: try avoid driving. Trust me, it is jungle out there!!

26. Where do you plan to visit anytime soon: Brown Thomas.

27. Song that would play for the credits of a movie about your life: Eye of a tiger

28. I'd stop my wedding if: I only could!!

29. The world could do without: watches and time tables – I would never be late again!

30. I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: ugh, nothing worse than that!!

31. Most recent thing you've bought yourself: turtle neck sweater. It is getting cold here!

32. Most recent thing someone else bought you: new paints and brushes.

33. My favourite time of day is: early morning!

34. My favourite store is: can I list here only one??

35. favourite ringtone is: Nokia cackle

36. And by the way: I haven’t combed my hair yet :-P

37. The last time I was high: I did not make it to the New Years party even. I started and finished celebrating bit early...

38. The person who I last talked to told me: to get my bottom out of the bed and give him a hand with a car.

39. I shouldn't have been: no regrets!

40. Once, at a bar/club: we all met our future boyfriends to be.

41. Last night: I spend 2 brain less hours watching some chick flick.

42. There's this girl I know who: knows how to party ;-P

43. There is this guy I know who: is aww so sweet.

44. A better name for me would be: Your Highness.

45. If I ever go back to school I'll: study science. I don’t want to cause I hate chemistry, but I have to.

46. My birthday is on: May 30th

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1 Response Oct 21, 2007

How funny to read what I wrote a year ago! <br />
<br />
#17 - I dumped my long time boyfriend, so I am "single, sexy and sweet" now :-)<br />
<br />
#22 - I got an award and indeed thanked my team! :-)