I Wish I Really Knew What I Was...i Am So Afraid Of Myself

Maybe I do know, already and I am afraid to see it.

I think we have good and evil in us.

But I am still so afraid of myself---am I actually really bad? Or am I good? This might be just a distorted image of myself.

This reminds me of this mirror in the story "Neverending Story", where the boy had to confront himself in a mirror.

Why is it so hard to see ourselves?


We must be able to do this in order to be better people and to be more at peace.

So why do we have to be so afraid of it?

What are we so afraid of?

I am really afraid of myself.

I am so afraid that I really am as bad as some ppl (I think) say about me or to me.

I am even afraid of being okay; of knowing I might actually be very okay.

Why am I so afraid? Can I not stand being human or seeing others like me?

I have to know myself before I die.

And I am still so afraid...I must walk thru this fear. I must!
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2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

"Good" and "Bad" are abstract terms invented by humans. Judging yourself from the viewpoint of known society is a destructive action indeed...

Why do you think so badly of yourself? Most people think of themselves as good, even though they're not as virtuous as they think. Everyone has good and bad potential in them. What matters is how you act. Sorry, don't mean to pry. Tell your story when and if you are ready. I hope you find the answers you're looking for.