The Incredible Edible Nipple

There are a lot of experiences here dealing with nipples in a variety of ways. I absolutely love nipples, especially big hard long firm thick ones that need and want to be sucked, licked, etc. I would like to hear from other nipple lovers, and your reasons why you love nipples so much, and what you do with them, and to them to satisfy both you and who you're with. Let the information flow, like milk from a lactating nipple.
maximaa250 maximaa250
46-50, M
2 Responses Mar 3, 2010

I love nipples because of an experience I had when a young kid. Me and an older cousin used to play cowboys and indians and I would always be captured and tied. He would open up my shirt and play and suck on my nipples for hours. I was always embarrassed but always longed to meet up[ and get captured so that he could play with my nipples. I am alot older know and am looking for a partner or two to reanact my nipple play experience. I have also liked plying with women simularily by binding them and licking and sucking on their nipples. The bigger the better....

They are my pets, my weapons, my playthings ;o)