I Decided To Do This, As Well! :)

1. I'm Agnostic.
2. I can be overly dramatic at times (honestly...).
3. I love rats! <3
4. I'm half Iranian and half American. (Hate the government, not necessarily the people, people!)
5. I'm a college student.
6. I *love* being on the Internet.
7. I love ExperienceProject! <3
8. I love Adult Swim (the comedy block Mondays-Fridays and Sunday, not the Anime (Saturday.)
9. I *love* San Francisco! <3
10. I hate douchebag-type people.
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4 Responses Jul 12, 2010

Short and sweet! I love it :) i hope life has been well fr you nina! I hope school has been challenging, yet wonderful for you! Anyway, as always, thank you for sharing :) i love how nutral this piece is hehe :)<br />
Xoxoxo -wen

I speak English pretty good but when I listen to you its like I am on a different planet or you are talking in some kind of KGB code. I wish I understood what you were talking about most of the time but believe it or not when I research what u talk about sometimes I still seem to miss the real issues.<br />
<br />
The concert you went to...well I have never heard of the people or the band but I live on the other side of the world so why would I know, right? You mentioned MSG and that took me for ever to figure out. At first my research only produced Monosodium glutamate (a sweetener) and then I di an abbreviation match and you mentioned New York and boom. I got it Madison Square Garden.<br />
<br />
Anyway, I wish our cultures were more in line with each other because you seem like so much fun and I could learn so much from somebody like you but I am in Thailand and we are centuries behind you in so many ways. I'm so jealous !

You sound like an exceptionally open minded person! I am an atheist, i love people (too much sometimes) and i also love being on the internet. Good job at being you!!

wooo hoo ... I love aqua teen hunger force ..