Here Goes

Ten things about me?  Here goes, will try not to bore you.
1.  I love photography.  Black and white, colour, doesn't matter to me.  Love seeing striking images, ones that make you think, that reach out and touch you in some way.  It is amazing the photos you can get by persevering and not setting people up to be posed and photographed.  I am not very good myself but that doesn't stop me enoying photos well taken by others.
2. I regret never continuing my education through to degree level.  Always say "someday" so need to get my finger out if I want to to do this.
3. Enjoy reading and read lots.  Both fiction and non-fiction, will read anything that grabs me.
4. I suffer from depression and have done for many years.  I have also been on medication for this for a few years now.
5. Like wasting time messing around on the internet
6. Have no pets although I have had dogs in the past.
7. Although a basically shy person I want to be more open and outgoing and make more friends
8. Love driving and cars
9. I like to listen to people, share with them, help them in any way I can
10. I listen to music lots, will usually put on music rather than the TV as I don't watch a lot of TV
iguaname iguaname
26-30, M
Jul 12, 2010