Alright, Ten Things!

1) I love video games! I'm one of those rare girls who doesn't look like she knows what fps, rpg's, etc means. but, I'm exactly that. I've been told lotsa times I don't look like a gamer. Though, I kinda want to be.

2) I love the color red. Why? It's like blood. Well, yes, I said blood. Because well, it's a nice, solid, sexy color.

3) I like to chat and talk to people. I've been told I'm a good chatter, but that really depends on the person itself. Sometimes I can be a wee bit boring, but then, that's when I don't really feel like talking and I just want to relax.

4) I love anime. I draw mangas. Regarding my skillz and awesomeness, it's up to the audience to determine. Because as far as I know I'm just a nube.

5) I love OCRemixes. I love remixes of games, animes, etc. Because the imagination is boundless. Most of my iPod consists of musical remixes. I don't like vocals all that much because they tend to remind me of personal experiences. Remixes remind me of games ;P

6) I love cooking <3

7) I want a dog, and if possible, a wolf. But we all know how dangerous that can be.... So I guess a husky will be a good bet.

8) I MAY look innocent, but uhm, not rly lol. I mean, come on, who is? Other than the rare few girls who are...

9) I shop a lot. I don't expect anyone to ever shop with me. But I shop a lot. Lol, I used to hate it back in highschool, but I take more interest in it because I like looking good. It's more like for my well esteem more than anything.

10) I'm a deep thinker. Not too deep though, I don't like thinking too much sometimes, because it'll just end up in a big fat migrane and misery. So, a light thinker is what I am.
synclaire232 synclaire232
22-25, F
Jul 12, 2010