5 + 5 = 10!

What I really like:

1 - Above everything else, my wife. I've known her since we were little kids throwing mud at each other and she's amazing.

2 - Myself. I could write a lot of things but the bottom line is: I'm just awesome.

3 - Writing. I love to write, i've written 4 books already and i'm currently working on a 5th. I hope to get them published one day.

4 - Sports. Almost any kind of sports, specially fighting and football (real football, not that crap americans play with a melon).

5 - Art. What would be life without the magic of imagination? Sculputure, painting, graffiti, theatre, cinema, whatever - It's art.

What I really hate:

1 - Men who beat up women. There's nothing more disgusting than that. Weak bastards that can't stand for themselves against someone bigger than them so they kick the dog by hurting women. Women exist so we can love them, not punch them.

2 - Stupid people. People who are dumber than Homer Simpson (yes, there's people like that in the world, lots of them), who think their funny when they're just plain sad and people that act like someone they're not.

3 - Beauty Contest Moms. Those dumb cockroaches who put their 4 year old daughters in beauty contests, making them look creepier than some hollywood monsters.

4 - Interruptions. I hate people that interrupt me whille I'm talking.

5 - Cowards. If someone has something to say or do, just say it or do it. Don't keep it to yourself because of a maybe.

And that's it, people... Feel free to leave a comment.
SethGrave SethGrave
26-30, M
Jul 13, 2010