Top 10 Countdown!

Or not. :)
10. I love those times of the day when they do that whole "Top 100 songs" or something. I'm always excited to hear what the first one is.
9. I used to play futbol and this was my number! I miss it, but I get to play it occasionally with friends! I'm better at tennis though.
8. I'm adopted. I'm half Korean and half something else. Dad thinks that I'm half black (I don't think I am), Mom doesn't talk about it, a friend thinks I'm half English, another doesn't care and says I'm American (which is true, but still), and I have no idea. 
7. I'm a huge animal lover, but I think I'm more of a dog/horse person than anything else. 
6. I've never really had a real relationship- the ones I have had didn't last and we weren't really dating. It was more like we were just.. there. I've had a lot of summer flings though; they always make me smile.
5. I have discovered that I am not scared of death. Sure, I'd rather not die, but I'm not scared to
4. I love traveling. It's my goal in life to travel to as many places as I possibly can.
3. I love God and have proclaimed Jesus as my Savior. I have dedicated my life to what he wants.
2. I love running in the rain. It gives me a quiet time to think. 
1. Music has gotten me through some of the hardest parts of my life. If not for music and friends, I would not be here. 
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Jul 15, 2010