My 10 Things

1. My mom is a stranger to me. Like I seriously don't know her. She lives in Georgia, and I live several states away from her. I've never met her in my life. She and my dad split up before I was born, and that was that. 
2. I wish I lived in San Marcos, Texas. I love the atmosphere. There's a bunch of tiny little coffeehouses. Everyone knows everyone. If you get hot, just take a dip in the San Marcos River, because you're probably already wearing your swimsuit. Relaxation. No worries. 
3. I was forced to grow up too fast, but not by anyone else. I forced myself. I used to think that being a kid meant being weak and not being respected. I still think that sometimes, but I regret not taking advantage of my childhood. I recently came upon the realization that it's gone. I don't feel like a little kid anymore. I have bigger worries than most my age. 
4. I love Singer/Songwriter music. Ingrid Michaelson, The Blue Hit, Kate Micucci. Although I am a diehard fan of Kristin Chenoweth! 
5. I constantly tell myself that I'm not good enough. Pretty much self explanatory. 
6. My GPA is 4.19. I take Pre-AP classes, which are on a 5 point scale, so that's how I get above a 4.0.
7. My best friend in the world is on vacation for most of the summer. She went to Colorado for a month, then she went on two mission trips in a row! Now she's back in town and telling me that she needs to spend time with her sister! Can she not take a day to spend some time with me? Keeping in mind that I don't have a sister to spend time with, I only  have her?
8. I want to know myself. I don't know what I want in life, or really anything. And I feel like,at this point in my life, I should know more. 
9. I am in love with a guy that has a girlfriend. He's beautiful and I've known him for a looooong time. But, I just recently realized that I am madly in love with him. Trouble is, he's madly in love with someone else. 
10. I was depressed for several months, and sometimes I feel it creeping back upon me.
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1 Response Jul 20, 2010

San Marcos is a great place to live, but we only wear swimsuits when we are heading to the river on purpose. BTW, the river is a great place to swim 12 months a year. We go on Jan 1 every year too.