Ten Things

~I am one of the biggest dorks ever & am always doing the most silly things with friends, like pizza eating contests or falling into trash cans upon entering class, etc...

~I am very sweet and playful.  I'm also very sneaky and like to grab things from people when they aren't looking and hide them around.

~I'm the biggest bookworm & I have a passion for reading like no one will ever understand.

~I am really picky with food and can't eat something that that even just as looks a little disgusting, no matter how delicious it smells.

~I laugh a lot.  It's easy to make me laugh.  I laugh at myself as well sometimes.  I can either laugh or cry so I might as well just laugh, right?

~I drink chocolate milk like any normal person drinks water.

~I could go a long, long, long time without crying.  I have a lot of control over my tears.

~Paranoid should be my middle name. 

~I'm an only child.

~I'm a good, childish girl with a lot of bad habits & a dark side only few people have seen (I wouldn't say it's so bad though!).

deadmoon deadmoon
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2 Responses Jul 23, 2010

Clumsiness. XD

Speaking as a fellow bookworm, I may come close to understanding your passion for the written word.<br />
<br />
Only children rock! (Yes I am one too LOL)<br />
<br />
But is it YOU who falls into the trash can (like, out of clumsiness) or are you toppling your classmates???