Okay, 10.

Awrighty. :)

1. I love to draw. Most of the time, it's first come to mind, first on paper. All pictures non-Sonic are NOT premeditated.

2. I'm 18.

3. I'm going to major in Astronomy, and minor in Physics. (or is it the other way around?)

4. I hate getting in trouble, but I live by the "rules are meant to be broken" factor. So we know where that goes. :D

5. I'm single. (who cares right?! :D)

6. I love to look at the stars, and count them till I fall asleep. Of course I'll do that with constellations depending on TOY. (time of year)

7. I don't have any instruments, but I can play guitar and drums. Wanna learn saxy though. >.>"

8. I favor Sonic the Hedgehog over all video game characters of the world.

9. I now know I have insomnia, which makes sense.

10. I have a crush on someone. <3!!
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Jul 24, 2010