My 10!

1- I love to play video games, RPG, action/adventure, those sorts. Mainly something like, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider, The many more but many lol
2- I LOVE!! to draw. Mainly anime type people, or like, random designs
3- I'm gay, and have a boyfriend right now thats AMAZING!! I met him online, and hopefully will be seeing him this august!! and eventually going to his house to hang out =]
4- I want to learn to play guitar and piano, and want to learn how to control my voice in singing cuz i love to sing too.
5- I can't a minute without messing with my hair >.< kinda like..a habit, i play with it lol
6- I want to be famous, hopefully be a graphic designer when i'm older. Hopefully working with like, games, movies, of that sorts, creating characters and such.
7- I'll stop at the mirror, and make random faces lol
8- I love to make new friends =] so don't be scared to talk to me.
9- I want to eventually move to florida, or some place out west.
10- Finally uhhh...lets see....My names David. lol
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18-21, M
3 Responses Jul 24, 2010

Lmfao, I've never gotten into Zelda though I AM a huge game freak. I don't have a boyfriend anymore that **** for me is done. I'm not doing online crap anymore aha. I need to actually meet a guy. Yeah, I have yet to learn guitar or piano aha, we have a lot in common though. I think Im OK at singing, deff not the best or anything to be amazed by. and sure we can be friends.

Hahah, you sound awesumm XD I used to watch my uncle play some of those video games when he was like, 16 & he taught me how to play Zelda XP so that's cool. It's also cool that you like to draw, I like art but I'm not very good at drawing people, just random little... I don't know. Things my brain comes up with :D and I hope you DO see your boyfriend soon! :] He must live far away? Hmm. I play guitar!:D It's in the shop getting it's strings changed right now, but I get it back in... Two hours I think. It's acoustic!:D I've been playing for a year or so, and I've never had a formal lesson. You'd be amazed how much you can learn on your own with chords on the Internet. I've always always ALWAYS wanted to learn to play the piano, but theres no room in my house for one :P are you good at singing? I'm not very good:P but I sing all the time anyway. I think I sing more than I talk!!!! XD hehehe. Also, I'm taking a graphic design class next year!:D AND I make faces in the mirror ALL THE TIMEEEEE! I guess my point to all this is, HIII! :D I'm Shannon. You sound cool so lets be friends.

lol, well thanks =]<br />
This is a good thing right?? aha