10 Things About Me

10. I love intelligence

9. I love humour

8. My best friend is my dog

7. I love coffee

6. I find guys so hard to understand

5. I dont sleep to well

4. I love pretty lingerie

3. Foxes come in our garden ever night and howl

2. I have hundreds of dolls and teddies

1. I think I should go to sleep
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2 Responses Jul 25, 2010

We used to have a fox sit across the street and howl. It sounded really bad, like a cross between a dog's howl and someone being strangled. <br />
<br />
Sorry about your dog.

10) Excellent.. The brain is the most sexy part of the body..<br />
9) No sweeter words than LOL to me<br />
8) Excellent. Love them. Was a dog man before Cat person. When the cats aren't looking I pet every dog I see<br />
7) Me too...WAY too much.. What time is it again? Oh my GOD!! NURSE!! COFFEE!!<br />
6) Me too..and I AM one..<br />
5) Pity, since you seem a dream.. Nurse! Forget the coffee! I think I want to dream..<br />
4) Me too.. Uh.. On you, not me.. Not THAT close to San Francisco<br />
3) Sweet (I hope)<br />
2 Do you have the Billie doll in purple.. uh..never mind..<br />
1) Sleep tight..