1.)  I like rain, cats, the color blue, winter, and the night sky.
2.)  I tend to be second best, and sometimes I get very angry at myself for this.
3.)  I like to read, paint, draw, bike, and be with my friends. Pretty normal in that regard.
4.)  I cannot spell, hold a grudge for long, or hide my true self.
5.)  I dislike gossiping because I dislike being gossiped about.
6.)  I adore traveling, and am lucky enough to have been to Europe.
7.)  My goal in life is to be happy, and a successful author.
8.)  I find it easier to talk about myself to people online, as they can't know who I really am.
9.)  I have the best group of friends and the best boyfriend in the world, and am very loyal to them.
10.)  I like alternative, rock, and some old-school pop music.

Now you know everything abot me!

happysarcasm happysarcasm
13-15, F
Jul 25, 2010