Ten About Weird Moi

1) I am a complete noncomformist.

2) I waste oodles of time theorizing philosophy: So far, I am an arianist, individualist, expressionist, and believe fully in the anthropic principle.

3) I have 1,000 imaginary friends.

4) i collect traditional Japanese handicrafts.

5)  I make random nacho recipes when I am bored.

6) I am haunted by my grandmother.

7)  I come off asa spazz just to surprise people when I'm not spazzy.

8) I took 2 and a half years of acting classes as a kid.

9)  Halloween is my favorite day of the year!

10) I'm weird, and cry when refered to as "normal" or "not insane".
weirdoneminerva weirdoneminerva
18-21, F
Jul 26, 2010