Ten Things About Meh!

1. I'm very intrigued by philosophy in general.
2. I love reality tv.
3. I am very hard on myself.
4. I love to cuddle.
5. My chihuahua is my best friend.
6. I have a weakness for guys with long hair.
7. My favorite movie is Dazed and Confused.
8. I don't get along with my father whatsoever.
9. I like to run.
10. I like to do things out of my comfort zone.
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2 Responses Jul 26, 2010

I can relate strongly to one through four, but I hate doing things out of my comfort zone. I am having to learn to do that now. I find that I need to for advancement in work and life in general. As in number 3, I self criticize to the point where it makes me not want to do anything other than what I know I am good at.

1. Great. You are seeking answers to big questions.<br />
2. You have too much spare time on your hands!<br />
3. Open up, cut yourself some slack.<br />
4. Who doesn't?<br />
5. Walk the dog - go meet some more friends.<br />
6. They tend to be more laid back, more comfortable with themselves. Perhaps it's that quiet confidence you secretly yearn for?<br />
7. We all have a favourite movie. The characters often reflect who we wish to be.<br />
8. Teenagers hate advice but trust me, try a little harder. You'll be glad you did as time passes.<br />
9. Try cycling. You'll get there quicker ;)<br />
10. This is because you are braver than you think. Kudos!