Ten Randomish Things About Me

1. I have an enduring hatred of socks.

2. I know one phrase (and only one phrase) in Japanese. Can't write it down, since I learned it by ear, but it translates to "Give me a piece of paper."

3. For some reason, I have the Sith Code memorized, but not the Jedi Code.

4. I read tarot cards. Badly.

5. I stopped going to Disneyland about twelve years ago, after a vitriolic exchange of letters between me and the management over the removal of the Submarine Ride. (Mostly because I was officially boycotting the place, but partially because I don't want to have to pay for my own $50 ticket.)

6. I once stated that one of the three words that essentially described my personality was "pineapple."

7. On my college application, I wrote down "human" under race.

8. I seem to have willed my formerly hazel eyes into turning green.

9. My favorite wife of Henry VIII's is Anne Boleyn.

10. I'm not entirely certain what my natural hair color is.
Demoiselle Demoiselle
18-21, F
Jul 27, 2010