Failure And Success

To be successful, we have to experience failure... Most of us are afraid to fail, but do you know that your failures can become your inspiration to be successful? In my life I had experienced so many things. I had encountered so many problems, big or small.  Gladly, I never quitted in life even though how fragile it was. Everything has a purpose, maybe you do not understand why things are happening to you, but somehow and someday, you will know it.  Life is just a matter of choice, if you are sad, try to choose to be happy, nothing will lose on you! try to smile and greet people around you... And ofcourse we have to acknowledge God in everything we do. If you are getting tired of your life, remember that there is One who believes in you, the one who's our strenght came from, and the author of all good things. Why not lift our burdens to Him and be free. soar high like an eagle, and someday you will find your way flying high above the clouds in Gods helping hand you are a successful man...
sarjrockz sarjrockz
22-25, F
Jul 27, 2010