10 Things I Hate About You.

1) I play Guitar, and have done for about 4 years, I also play lead guitar and Bass guitar in various bands.
2) I have a passion for photography, and try my best to contribute to the beautiful artwork thats already out there.
3) I spent the majority of my early life in Pen Llyn in North Wales and speak fluent Welsh.
4) I have a very large family, 7 brothers and 4 sisters, Im the second youngest.
5) I like to think I have a unique hairstyle, its rather long and very, very curly. I've never met anyone with hair similar to mine.
6) I think, and some others have said that I have a superb sense of humour.
7) I like to think that I'm quite intelligent, and I am proud of capacious vocabulary and my ability to spell and use grammar correctly.
8) I'm an avid reader, I managed to conquer both the Twilight Saga and Harry Potter series in just under three weeks.
9) I'm not quite William Shakespeare, but I like to read and write poetry.
10) Im probably one of the least exciting people that this Earth has to offer.

unicorn123 unicorn123
13-15, M
Aug 7, 2010