Well Here Goes

1. I have been engaged 3 times  2. I don't want to have kids 3. I hide my true feelings from others 4. I have 3 youtube channels 5. i have a secret fetish 6. I love 80's movies 7. Only had one true love he married for money 8. I don't trust men as far as I can throw them 9 Im a hopeless romantic 10 I try with all of my being not to get close to people so I don't get hurt but it never works That's me

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@Tummie i don't know what my aura color is how can I find out other then googling lol

Hmmmm what's your aura color? Violet here by the way

@Tummie yeah this is true I have seen all of the movies even though I was 7 in 1984 lol ;)

And maybe the 80's movies thing too since Ghostbusters came out in '84 :D

@Tummie wow we are pretty alike in many ways I been on EP for about 2 years now I think, my running count for perfume is about 12 right now, Im a libra with indigo tendencies, People always tell me I am a good listener

1) I like Ghostbusters<br />
2) I like cheesecake<br />
3) I like exercising, especially running<br />
4) Body sculpting appeals to me a lot and I want to have a well sculpted body one day soon<br />
5) I'm addicted to finding new music in electronica and hip hop, usually those that are chill,<br />
smooth, and/or have nice bassline <br />
6) I'm obsessed with cologne and still searching for that signature fragrance. I have 16 bottles and counting...<br />
7) I've been on EP for 2 1/2 yrs now I think<br />
8) I'm laid back, I get told I'm a good listener, I like to laugh, I'm considerate<br />
9) I admit that I fantasize about sex a lot, though it doesn't help that I'm a virgin lol<br />
10) Imma Gemini, INFP, Phlegmatic Melancholic, yadda, yadda, yadda

@anaspiringwriter thanks for the comment yeah that would be a cool thing going from single to married lol yeah we do have a lot in common

I'm done with the engagement thing to.. If it happens, I want to go from being single to being married and skip the engagement altogether lol.. :) Minus the youtube channels we are pretty a like.. good call sista! <3

@supermother2010 thanks for the list and comments

@pickwick54 thanks for the comments<br />
@palecowboy yeah i think I am done with the whole engagement thing

Perhaps it is time to look at everything in reverse - on its' head?<br />
1 - You have had three lucky escapes<br />
2 - You prefer adults<br />
3 - You are sociably acceptable becasue you do not gush al over everybody<br />
4 - one channel is insufficient to allow you to express yourself<br />
5 & 6 so do I<br />
8 Very wise, most of us live life on the surface, and men are very little different to women in this respect.<br />
9 Maybe you should just edit out the word hopeless?<br />
10 Practise makes perfect