Try Not To Cut Yourself Out Of Boredom...


1) I'm confident

2) Yet I hate myself?! What a stupid life.

3) I'm an artist. Currently studying it at Uni.

4) I love dancing. I actually get mistaken for a pro sometimes :O

5) I play guitar, drums, piano and harmonica.

6) I'm learning to tailor my own clothes, hopefully I'll be good enough to make my own sometime.

7) I love change.

8) I'm a devout atheist. Have nothing against religious people unless they're hurtful, or try to impose their ideas.

9) Sometimes I fantasise about there being no humans in the world, including myself.

10) I love books.
ImpossibleSludge ImpossibleSludge
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4 Responses Dec 28, 2010

Hahaha never ends does it? I'm still getting into sewing. I'm not amazing at it but i'm really into it.<br />
And cool :) cartooning is my speciality. <br />
Also trying to work up the courage to sing more. I can sing in tune but I hate my voice.

LOL ..yes :) ....... My hobbies: painting, drawing, sewing, knitting, making masks, decorating wooden boxes and finishing them with shiny varnish, making christmas balls, making beaded jewelry, cartooning, writing, poetry, making graphic designs, making up new photoshop experiments,..... and.. yes I think that's all. LOL

REALLY empathise with you on number 6 there Angelic Lights XD Its tricky to have any direction in life when i'm so interested in painting, cartooning, making music, films, writing, photography....

1) i often put other people at the first place<br />
<br />
2) i love to laugh and make people smile<br />
<br />
3) i can often be strong for other people, but not always for myself<br />
<br />
4) i believe that God is life itself, and that we shouldn't be angry at Him when things don't turn the way we have hoped for, because I also believe God gives us trials everyday, and that we must bless those trials, because they can only make us a stronger and a better person<br />
<br />
5) of all animals I love cats the most, especially siamese cats<br />
<br />
6) i have so many creative hobbies I sometimes wish I had less creative skills<br />
<br />
7) I don't need much to be happy. I only miss one thing in my life, and that's my soulmate..<br />
<br />
8) I love to sing when i'm allone and I don't even care if I sing out of tune<br />
<br />
9) I can be very emotional and sensitive<br />
<br />
10) I love all kinds of music: classic, rock, pop, dance, latin..