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A Person In Numbers .....

1. Love to travel

2. Book and antique are my favorite shops

3.Blow bubbles with my chewing gum

4.Could travel the world just fishing

5.Value friends more than money

6.Think kids are a gift

7.Need music in my life

8.Love long drives

9.If I have nothing to say... I say nothing

10.Walking in the hills and glens charges my soul .....
salar1 salar1 51-55, M 35 Responses Feb 8, 2011

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Well we are all Jock Tamsins bairns .........

Ooooooooooooooooh .. looks like some Argy Bargy brewing here.. lol

Pirate Witches<br />
are such bi....<br />
<br />
<br />
oh, nevermind.

Well! I being older know that Sean Connery cannot be surpassed. Wanna argy bargy about it, Miss Destry???

gosh, you got me thinking about Sean Connery again. *Sigh*

D .. A Scot am I ,a scorpio am I , a romantic that is for others to determine .....

No not yet , but a have seen a programme aired last week called Born Fighting its by a US senoter Webb about his Scots-Irish heritage very intresting

Glengoyne 17YO sounds wonderful! And if it's good enough for the Queen Mum, it's good enough for me!<br />
<br />
Hey, S....did you see the movie The King's Speech. I loved it!

Thank you ...P

These are great likes- Really sound like you !

It will sweep you off your feet , fill your heart with the inspiration of the master distiller , fill your mind with thoughts of the Glen which gave birth to this fine spirit ....

Hands over the hippo , its contents the favorite of QEII the late Queen mother , Glengoyne 17YO a fine non peat single malt .....

Aren't ya gonna pass that flask around the circle?<br />
<br />
I've got nothing against a little nip now and then.....

Takes a nip,and dofs my hat .....

* gasps for air*

* shakes head *

*rolls eyes again and coughs*....<br />
<br />
It's a good thing you have other admirable qualities.....

Blows smoke circles ...... oooOOOO

*rolls eyes*

A fine R&J no2 a full hip flask in my trusty barbour pocket anf fishing my favorite pool who would grudge a man a little pleasure ?

Oh my, S!!! Polluting the fresh air with those smelly old things!

No only cigars whlie fishing ....D

Can you chew gum and cast your fishing rod at the same time?


Thanks D and T I see you were impressed with walking and chewing gum .....

* deep sigh *

Terrific list. I especially like #10. But each one shows why I think you are a great guy!

Ladys thanks for the comments from a greatfull author who by the way can walk and chew gum :P

Oh I kinda like the gum..bubbles etc.<br />
<br />
and the others Salar!...nice list. :)

Hi des, I am not into fishing either .. though I can understand the attraction. I dont mind catching them with a net .. but I would throw them back :)