"it's Not Of My Own Doing, Your Honor!"

Ten things about me is going to be a serious challenge. It should have said "100 Things About You". But we'll row with the oars we've got, won't we.

01) I am very intelligent, but I don't feel too smart.
02) I 'suffer' from Manic Depression. Though it's more my entourage who has problems with it.
03) I'm very easy going.
04) I am stubborn
05) I have a short fuse
06) I forgive my true friends anything and everything
07) I'm never angry against a person but rather agains a situation
08) I think in pictures. Seems only 4% of people do that.
09) I have the ability to do things I've never learned.
10) I don't like sentences that begin with "I". Too egocentric, to my taste...

Okay. 90 to go. At least.
jimmyrudyjump jimmyrudyjump
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13 Responses Feb 19, 2011

Being short-fused means that sometimes I tend to lose my temper when getting irritated... : (<br />
Thank you for adding "caring" amysangels. Because, yes, I care : )

very good list jimmy :)<br />
..except that didn understand no.5 coz idk what it means<br />
i ll add one for u : caring

Okay Jimmy...I'm gotcha now. I wonder if more people would consider themselves shy if they went by your definition...I bet they would. I think that in general it takes everyone a bit of guts to put themselves out there on a limb...chat to people, get to know them etc...offer them personal opinions beyond just chatting about the weather. <br />
<br />
But I know some people just seem to be 'natural' at it. I say this because plenty of people think that I am very outgoing...but really I too am very shy too.

Sorry Carpie... Got sidetracked by some q & a... Whatscha wanna know sweets?

I'm weird that way. I don't want other people to know I'm shy or uncertain, so I dismiss it for myself also. I get rid of it, pushing it to the background. Sometimes it still pops-up though, but I am no different here than in 'real life'...<br />
<br />
And I can read people very well, except when it comes to matters of a more 'romantically charged' type... I most add that I'm very sensitive also and that I have a serious stronghold as mental center. One I tend to keep people from getting in too easily. I don't like to be hurt, so I don't let most folk get too close, keep them away from my core.

By Aspergers...I was refering to how you seem to have trouble with reading into people's intentions...not getting the bodily language or other hints etc etc...Hmmm...we could be on different wave lengths again...<br />
<br />
Shy...yes I would believe that. It seems that EP works wonders for a lot of shy people. Writing on cyberspace is very different to talking to them in the flesh...

Dunno about Aspergers syndrome. I don't have a lack in interest in things. More too much interest in everything. And i'm also very easy to make contact with folks. Although (and can you believe i forgot to mention that?) I'm shy. Very shy in certain cases. Which reminds me I must find a way of getting both my noses in the same fr<x>ame, take a photo and add it to my pics... but that's another topic.

LOL!<br />
<br />
*whack*<br />
<br />
How about Aspergers Rolls...an old 70s favourite in Australia...canned aspergers spears rolled up in a buttered piece of bread with a tooth pick stuck in it...I really like them...yummy.<br />
<br />
I hope you weren't being serious :/<br />
<br />
I'm glad that Girlwhimsical isn't here at the moment!<br />
<br />
I never thought that you were fishing for comments Jimmy...just curious to undestand you more...it always takes me a while to understand some things are the more examples the better for me...I'm a bit thick sometimes and need lots of fluff to pad things out!

I can't seem to come up with any, right now... But it's a feeling I get sometimes, you know. And it's not a question of fishing for compliments, as I live alone, so...<br />
I love aspergers. In b├ęchamel sauce. They're a delight. Or is this one of those cases me not being smart?

I'm doing it again...I hate that i that I can't seem to leave a sentence without some sort of mistake in it...grrrr<br />
<br />
Ahhh...I see...you like to do things differently...but that's probably what makes you who you are Jimmy...nothing stupid about that. Still would like to know more examples on this.<br />
<br />
As for your inability to decode subtle hints...perhaps you have a mild form of Aspergers...there seems to be a high percentage of these gifted people in my circle!

Thank you WomanInBliss *all smiles*<br />
<br />
<br />
Isshe. I always seem to take the road less travelled. I never duck for safety. I always find the most difficult solution, although I'm pretty practical. Women sometimes have to come sit in my lap in an advanced state of undress before I get it that they like me. Or before I realise I'm in a stripclub...errr...okay... I'll leave it at that for now...

I like your list you Jimmy. <br />
<br />
1. Example please of how you are not very smart. <br />
<br />
8. I think in pictures too.

I hate sentences like that too jimmy. I like your list.