Ten Things About Me

1. I have this constant need to travel.
2. I love anything that makes me sit and consider life. Be it a space, a book, a song or a piece of art. 
3. I am addicted to love (in a good way)
4. I care a lot about the people in my life. Sometimes I think i get all caught up in making them happy that I forget about myself. 
5. I am not sure what fulfills me. I'm still yet to discover that.
6. I have a place in my heart for people with broken souls. I think it's because i feel the same.
7. I love road trips, bus rides, long journeys with nothing but the ipod and some good music. 
8. I don't trust easily.
9. I give up easily.
10. I look ok on the outside but it is a constant battle on the inside. 
daisydeadpetals daisydeadpetals
31-35, F
Mar 27, 2011