Simple Truths

1.  I am summer's child.
2.  Sometimes people think I have my head in the clouds or to be
precise am daydreaming, incorrect I'm thinking.
3. Being reserved can be mistaken for coldness like a plant I
    open up slowly and build deep connections.
4. It breaks the ice or awkardness in most situations a 
     dosage of GSOH essential for everyday living. My humor extends
     beyond Ep and brings a smile to a person's face even in the most
     stressful situations.
5. Looking forward or planning a break never quite works, in the immortal
    words of Nike JUST DO IT.
6. In  early days of EP I was once upon a time and a long time ago an
    unashamed EP addict. The lure of computers was to blame but I don't
    regret it.
7. Technology? Baffled by it, yes I realize all those advantages but it is
    one big headache at times. 
8. Mobile phones terrible offenders of conversation and personally
    I loathe carrying one around, only for emergencies.
9. The problem with vacations is the inevitable sadness of leaving, I
     hate goodbyes and so longs.
10 Remain a steadfast newcomer to computers and believe forget grammar and JUST TYPE IT.


jophene jophene
36-40, F
Apr 22, 2011