1.-Sometimes need a 5 hour energy drink to get out of bed.. and sometimes need one to get to sleep. 2.- I find talking to my dog to be therapeutic, sometimes her answers tick me off. 3.- I keep making this sign with my hand over my head... is someone shooting at me ?
4.If I'd have known I'd have lived to be this old I'd have taken better care of myself. 5.- Am backing into the computer age... watching my Happy Days reruns as I get there, . 6.-10- Find my sex life to be better these days, spending more time alone..and on the web. 7.-I'm less critical of fellow workers when I am away from them.. 8.-It works the same way for them. 9.- Have been studying a foreign language.. am now able to talk to women. 10.- I need to learn to listen in a foreign language.   I might add that women who know me very well know that I don't listen well to them. Anyone willing to give me language lessons.. One of the only ways I learn is by doing so mouth to mouth administers the right amount of stimulus for me to get the hang of listening. Keep talking your language and I am learning to translate between breaths.
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1. I am 1/2 Italian and 1/2 German. 2. I am a good cook. 3. I have a wonderful /b who is my favorite person in the whole world. 4. We have a Maine Coon cat Reginald Sebastian that I dearly love. 5. Sometimes I would rather spend time w/Reggie than humankind. 6. I talk to Reggie as I have all my animals. 7. I love to watch the herd of deer that come into our backyard to graze. And, yes, I greet them too. Tell them how beautiful they are. 8. I like who I am. 9. thankful for all I have been through as it is how it has made me who I am today. 10. Last, not not least I am a Christian. I could not imagine my life w/o God in it.

sweet :)

Thank you for your comment. I like your sweet profile too.. sorry this is so late.

And where is my reply? lol

RickieChickie.. I stand guilty of neglect in that respect and am sorry.. I owe you a comment to your comment. But it may be that you could take your time in answering mine.. That would serve me right..
So I do thank you for reading my sad attempt at humor.. I need more practice at it. But Thank you for taking time to read it.

Why sad attempt? It was/is funny! ;-)

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Loved your wit and humor. Really laughed. Thanks for the good start this morning.

I think I can come up with excuses for not answering people's comments and yours. But that would just be making excuses work. So let me say I sure am sorry I hadn't answered your comment to Whhhoooommmeee ?
So let me thank you any way. Thanks.. drop by my profile and see if you like any of the 370 or so music videos in : I Love to Share Music with My Friends. Shameless commercialism.. ha ha One usually in Featured Story.


Now that is some observations!

To 9. You learned Womanish? lol

glad to see you have not lost your spark and since of humor and molly will tell you when to sit.

She's telling me about this year's income tax law changes..smart dog...

That is cute some parts funny

Thank you annie, Was in a silly mood. I thought it was good therapy, my dog says I need some

You know that was a best seller in the 80's and 90's too a couple more by him too..saw one at our thrift store : Venus and Mars in the bedroom... honest .. no didn't read it .. didn't read the first one but should ... ya figure.. Thank You MB, I will do that..

lol.... too cute. i went to a goodwill store, picked up a book wrote in 1951, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. lol... <br />
<br />
pssst... tell you a secret... males and females feel exactly the same ways... BUT they just react differently. need to get the book..lol... it teaches the female language. ;)