My Share Of 10.

1. I am a normal 23 yrs old Asian guy.
2. I am not a sporty kind of person. I only play badminton. The rest i only like to watch.
3 I have a profession that could bring me a fortune. But its kinda boring.
4. I love to travel a lot. Backpacking style.
5. Been in love once and broke my heart over her.
6. Been single for over 2 yrs. and!
7. I'm kinda reserve type of guy. I never share my life's experiences unless i am being asked and sometimes i don't tell the whole story.
8. I am a very good listener.
9. I have a hard time connecting people. That's why i have different circle of friends.
10. I am not a boring person. I could do crazy stuff just for fun.

And the list could go on but it would be too much of information.;)
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22-25, M
1 Response Jan 29, 2012

I like your 10..You sound awesome....although the heartbreak is pretty sad

Thank you are right it was pretty sad but i'm all well now..:)

That's good :)