1. I hate people
2. I'm lazy
3. I have given up
4. Never done drugs
5. People think I'm dead inside, but I really just don't trust them so I don't share anything
6. I like my friends on EP better than 99% of the people I know in real life
7. I live in darkness
8. I seclude myself if my room every day
9. I'm a gamer
10. I'm not that interesting
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Sounds familiar. Not too unlike myself, except for number 5.

You hate people? I hate people too, you're lazy? so am I, you're a gamer? me too :D what game do you play? :)

haven't had time lately, but summer job is over so I plan on playing a lot more. I enjoy counter strike (all of them), just started skyrim, need for speed hot pursuit, fear, halo, there's tons :)

Been busy too, lately. I play counter strike :D (usually, I play w/ boys and they're fun to play with!), I also play need for speed but not very often.And oh, you play Resident evil? :)

haha yeah i've been trying to get back into both of them. need for speed i'm really rusty at, cs i was never too good at :/ Trying though. I don't have any of the resident evil games. I can't get into them for some reason. I played a long time ago, I've been meaning to try them again though

It's a good game :) Resident evil 5 is good :)

that seems to be the favorite. I'll add that as my next game from gamefly :D

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Man if thats how you wanna be, theres no one that should tell you the other way. just be happy ;)<br />
<br />
I must say though Ive been gaming all my life. I hardly did anything else lol , and sometimes I fecking regreat it...not always... but soemtimes ;)=

me too.

Lol, do you hate all people? A part of me also died a long time ago.

basically yes, but I know no one is perfect. I have a few people I thoroughly enjoy

Because u never met a guy like me so u feel odd???.. lol..

you definitely sound my kind of buddy...mental-setup-wise, so to say...

but never fighting for your goals gets you nowhere...except in the boredom-hells.