Here Goes

1. I like having conversation about anything -

2. I am very sporty - love tennis, cricket and lots of others

3. I work hard and focus in my professional development

4. I want to find my soul mate

5. I love adventure activities - have swim with sharks, scuba diving at night and done bunjee jumps

6. I like sensual touching which include kissing, caressing

7. I like traveling and exploring different cultures

8. I like cooking

9. I do go to gym often

10. I love learning - anything from french kissing to fixing gear box
coolsmile coolsmile
31-35, M
3 Responses Apr 9, 2012

1. I'm a sensitive soul
2. I love to laugh...I don't laugh enough
3. I can be a little obsessive with my interests and projects
4. I am creative and love to make things, alter things, do craft projects.
5. I feel lonely in my marriage
6. I love listening to loud helps get me through live. love going to l gigs
7. I have a habit of living in the past instead of forward to the future.
8.I love getting mucky in the garden.
9. I crave to indulge in my wildside.......I often feel my wings are clipped.
10. I love to read about ancient civillivations and people.

I have just started going to the gym , I never ever thought I would set foot in one but here I am 4 months later and I can actually say I enjoy going , never thought I would utter those words!!

Good on u - what areas u working on

Mostly ive been doing the cardio , but I do some weights , I really need someone to show me what to do . I know the gym instructors are there for that but im really shy about asking !

You sound like quite the catch!!