My Contrasting, Synonymous Ways

I am very friendly, and a lot offline and online say I am too friendly; but I have a hard time making friends offline.

I am very bubbly, not afraid to speak up; but I do not confide easily in others.

I am not racist, but every single male I ever crushed on in my life and the two males I fell in love with in my life, were and are white guys.

I live in a money-hungry country, but I am not an avid spender.

I do not get crushes on girls, but I don't stop being friends with girls just cause they have a crush on me.

I like fruits, but I like just a few fruit flavored things.

I took swimming lessons in Hawaii before I moved to the mainland; but I cannot swim in deep water, only shallow water.

I have a VERY good memory when it pertains to conversations with others (you do not want to debate with me on who said what if I was there), phone numbers, who wore what when, etc; but for the life of me, I cannot follow geographic directions or a map.

I can read 30 two-inch books in one week on a sleep-induced, time-consuming schedule; but yet cannot read more than five or six chapters in the Bible back to back unless it is some of the short books of the Bible.

I get excited when I see nailpolish on girls on their fingernails and toenails; but because of how fast my nails grow, I consider it a waste to dabble in polish on my own nails.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
May 5, 2012