Habitually Out Of The Ordinary

I get hiccups if I have a good, hearty laugh.

If I burp or fart, it is the stress leaving me and the ailments go away temporarily while the gas lets out one end or the other.

I zone out completely - not meditating - to escape if reality is hurting me. But I can still function and talk coherently, listen to music, do physical things like walk around, eat, drink, dress, wash dishes, etc.

If someone is or was smoking, drinking or doing drugs and it comes with a scent unpleasant to me, my body will instinctively kick in with holding my breath. Without even time to think about it. So as to not get stress pains.

I can talk and laugh while I am holding my breath.

Fiesta Party Tea makes stress ailments go away if it is unpleasant smells and I burp and fart til it is gone. Not on an intentional pass of gas from me. It happens naturally. How I was born.

I don't make friends easily. So if I do get a friend offline and they hurt me, I get major physical ailments from stress.

I have never been into random dating. I know some think it is necessary to date around off the Internet so you can determine who you would want to marry. But that's not me. I know what kind of a man I want to marry and have always known and what kind of a man makes me feel safe whether I can see and hear him or not. I won't date around. Will marry my husband when he comes to me. My one and only. No others.

If you are my friend, you have to hurt me in a very big way for me to defriend you. I don't defriend just cause things don't go my way or just cause you hurt me. I will put emotional distance between us til you do something to fix what happened to avoid running away. But as for no longer being a friend on my part, online or offline. It has to be huge.

If you defend me when someone else is being mean to me and you are nice, not mean to me, you have a permanent friend in me.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
May 6, 2012