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1. If you are my friend here or become my friend here, you will see this anyway, so here goes: I'm a normal mature man, decent looking, tall, and fit, but my unaroused penis is tiny, 2.5 cm long. My profile picture is what it is for a reason. It very closely resembles the size and shape of my male appendage, other than for its metallic properties.

2. This is a new profile, my naughty profile. Lots of people have them. My regular normal profile, honestly encompassing the rest of my life experience and disclosing many personal details, and some very good friends I've made here at EP being myself, would not fit with this profile and disclsoure number one.

3. I have met some very nice people here disclosing my nubbin. Mostly though, they are here exploring their naughty sides and not much interested in the rest of my life. People who add my nub, want to see my pictures, enjoy my stories, or want me to add them are generally not here to swap recipes and recommend planting techniques for potted flowers. We tend to be here to flaunt our stuff verbal and physical, and to see and encourage others doing the same.

4. I have never found another social networking site that interested me at all. I have a twitter account I haven't visited in a year, a Facebook page I touch about twice a year, and a variety of other sites I have joined for one purpose or another. None of them seems compelling to return to.

5. Why would an otherwise serious and sane man flaunt his puny ****** here? For me, because it's safe. The painful experiences of teenage and early adult years, socially and dating, in which this "reared its head" were situations that were hurtful and that I couldn't escape. I can delete this profile and leave anytime I want, or just never log back in here. Unlike going nude at a swim club where I'm a member and where I know most of the other members through work, school, church, or the neighborhood, or getting drunk and stripping at a party and having everyone I know see my pixie penis, it's more like going nude on a faraway nude beach. I like being seen, and if people stare, laugh, or say rude things that make me uncomfortable, I can leave and not return.

6. I don't like eating lettuce.

7. I wear bifocals, distance-only coloured lenses for driving.

8. I have never had sex with a man, never really wanted to.

9. My girlfriend with whom I lost my virginity (her first sex also) outed me to a group of her friends, in my presence, for having a tiny penis, "just a little boy" with hand gesture, was the way she put it. I hated it at the time, knew I'd just been dumped rather harshly, and it has given me great excitement to look back on with the safety of years between then and now.

10. Yes, I think way too much about my penis, when I should be working to help the less fortunate and make the world a better place. I do that with the rest of life. This is a very limited diversion for me, and it brings me a certain enjoyment.

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4 Responses May 9, 2012

I love your attitude, your candidness, I love the way we became friends..just remember, you came to, potted plants..yeah..they are

You know, you absolutely know, that I'm gonna start discussing potted plants with you. RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW. Messing up your sex profile. Lowering the perv tone. You shouldnt have added me ;)

Seen in comic books around the world, the adventures of Potted Plant Man! The superhero with the superpower of teleportation and sexual censorship so that when ever a superhero's tights get mangled and ripped he will be there to cover it up with his green foliage!

I'm not only annoyed, but disappointed with your views on lettuce

I grow lettuce, but apparently its bad for rabbits?!

Well said NubbinToDeclare. We share many experiences again, as we small dicked guys do! But, I have had sex with a man, and yes I wanted to! Still think way too much about my small penis though! I better get off the computer and help the world, just one more story to read...