Me In Ten

1. If I have a question for you
and you know the answer,
then please share your
answer with me, so that I too
may know the answer.
Silent treatment does not
make the situation go away
for me.
2. I will say it here since it seems
to be something quite a few
males contact me and ask me
Yes, I really am 34 years old,
NO, I AM NOT available. My
heart belongs to someone.
I am not married and I do not
have kids.
I am humbled by your interest
in me though. Thank you.
3. I trust people at face value even
when my gut instinct warns
against it. It is up to you to do
with that trust what you will,
treasure it or destroy it.
4. I never feel lonely even if no one
wants to talk to me, cause that's
just how I am.
5. I get mad at people who talk stink
about our leaders, especially if they
are Christian because to me, if
you have a problem with our leaders,
then pray for them, don't bash them.
6. I don't fall for someone if my heart
is already smitten with someone.
7. I am not a "cougar" but both men my
heart fell for in life were and are in
their 20s while I am 34.
8. I don't feel weird if a man likes me
romanticallly and I don't return those
feelings. I look at how he treats me.
If he's nice to me, then I believe him.
If he's mean to me, I believe he's
messing with me and making it up
and that he hates me in actuality. I
do not believe the fallacy that if a man
is mean to me, it is because he likes
me. I am very sensitive. I am not
attracted to mean at all. So, mean is
not the way to convince me that someone
likes me romantically. I have always
believed if a man likes me, he's gonna
be as nice as possible versus mean,
cause seriously, who is attracted to mean?
9. I like helping people if they need help and
if I am able to help them. I myself am not
completely able-bodied, so I try to help
others if I am able to.
10. My friends that are true are my family
without the blood. I know people have
been made for specific purposes. I have
always believed my purpose was to be
a friend to others and I firmly believe my
friends were created, no matter their young
or older ages, to decorate my life with love
and laughter.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
May 10, 2012