Unusually Normal But Not Abnormal

Here are some food and drink habits I have that others seem to be amazed at or wonder at.

1. I can go through a whole bottle of tabasco sauce in one week - the house size, not the restaurant size. I can go through a smaller bottle of tabasco sauce in four days.
2. I eat sandwiches and hot pockets left side to right side in a row.
3. If I eat ice cream in its container, I eat it around the edges first. If I scoop cream cheese out of the container to spread on crackers, I scoop around the edges first.
4. I check out every spoonful of ice cream I eat when I eat ice cream at a restaurant.
5. I can cook from scratch pot roast in my microwave that has microwave and stove settings.
6. I like to eat wasabi paste by itself on food, as opposed to mixing wasabi paste with shoyu.
7. I like to put tabasco sauce all over my steak and pool it around the steak before eating the steak.
8. I don't season or salt my food when I cook.
9. I can go through almost half a large jar of Tostitos queso cheese dip with one meal of Hormel Compleat Meals: chili.
10. I am not a dainty dipper with food and dipping sauce. I dunk it in or get a huge, heaping scoop. I go through five packs of honey mustard sauce with a pack of 20 chicken nuggets from McDonalds. I go through a whole pack of buttermilk sauce with just two pieces of chicken tenders from Jack In The Box. (this was when I still lived in Hawaii) It takes me a little longer to go through a bottle of French's honey mustard.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
May 10, 2012