10 Things...

1. I dislike almost all men
2. I want a Saint Bernard
3. I don't believe I will ever move on from her even though she's made it clear she never thinks about me anymore
4. I never have less than 3 thoughts running through my head
5. I'm addicted to kissing, no matter who it is, no matter if i like them or not, I always catch myself fighting an urge to kiss them for the hell of it
6. I think my standards are too high and I will never find a girl who fits them
7. I watch many shows just so I can pretend my life is the same as the characters rather than the **** it actually is
8. I want to join MMA just so I can beat the **** out of people legally but I am too scared I will break my hand again
9. I want to slip into a coma and stay in my dreams from elementary school, before all the nightmares
10. I don't want to grow up because I feel like I missed too much of my teenage years wasting away with her
Ronniroo Ronniroo
18-21, F
May 20, 2012