1.When I was young, I once believed everybody in the world were robots, I was the only human. They were programmed to play with me.

2.I hate corny and dry conversation. 

3.I really like the shape of my ears. I try to be a good listen.

4.I was known as friendly but eccentric and aloof.

5.The song I listen to the most is You Live Only Once by The Strokes. I love the line" Ten Decisions changed your life,only five you know about."

6.My childhood hero was Albert Einstein. His quotes changed my life when I was ten.

7.I know Rossmore Abbott existed.

8.I want Wes Anderson to make my life story his film.

9.I am not a hipster or antisocial but I really don’t watch TV. I just get bored when it comes to television. I can't remember the day and time of any programs
so I can't stand watch the random stuffs on it. 

10.I cried over the story of two young men holding hand drowned together in Sandford lock of Oxford one summer of May,1921.
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18-21, F
May 21, 2012